Introducing the amazing range of products utilizing the technologies we developed.

Our product development thesis is inspired by extremophiles. They are designed to perform best in the most extreme & lethal conditions.


The Sensible Cancer Management System

The next generation targeted therapy system. OncoSense can be used as a better alternative to monoclonal antibodies which are toxic to cells. OncoSense can be used to probe the tumour cell surface phenotype and customize treatment accordingly by conjugating the appropriate cell-targeting ligand to an anticancer drug.


Early Disease Warning & Identification of Genes 

We have come a long way from the Sanger era. Our Revolutionary technology will make it possible for everyone to live a better life by Identifying their own genes which may cause problems in the future. 


Fire proximity / Entry suit.

Inspired by Pyrolobus Fumarii we have developed the ultimate heat deflection / fire resistant suit. 
The suit is incorporated with a microprocessor & sensors which will monitor your stress level, heart rate, rate of respiration & oxygen saturation.



Non-Latex Surgical Glove.

Inspired by Piezophiles we have developed the most resilient synthetic glove in the world.
It's an advanced version of Carboxylated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber produced using our B-NBR Technology. It is superior to any other glove material in various aspects.