The Sensible cancer management system. 

In India, it is estimated that more than 14.5 lakh people are living with some type of cancer and there were 736,000 reported deaths due to cancer in 2016. According to ICMR, India will have more than 17.3 lakh new cancer patients added to the pool by 2020, with more than 8.8 lakh deaths a year due to it.

The nation has less than 250 dedicated cancer-care centres (0.2 per million population in India) and nearly 40% of these are in eight metropolitan cities. As a result, nearly 78% of India’s cancer cases are detected at an advanced stage and nearly 70% of patients with cancer die of the disease in India, compared to about 30% in the US.

Novel methods for early detection and the development of effective treatment methods like targeted drug delivery are an eminent priority in managing cancer, the curability of cancer is depended upon the stage at which it is detected. 


OncoSense® is a simple all in one theranostics solution based on Ultra Small Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles, which can detect cancer at a very early stage, in some case in the translational phase itself. Just a single Whole Body MRI using our particles as a contrast agent will reveal tremendous amounts of information about specific cancer, including the size, whether metastasising or not, type, stage migration etc. This reduces the time, cost and number of cancer diagnosis methods. 

Why OncoSense?

  • Highly biocompatible superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles conjugated with a tumour targeting peptide.

  • Sensitive to cellular galvanotaxis. 

  • Can easily cross Blood Brain Barrier. 

  • Can precisely deliver multiple payloads of drugs into a cancer cell at once.

  • Produces better CNR values than gadolinium-based contrast agents.

  • Can identify multiple biomarkers and target various overexpressed receptors of cancer cells. 

  • No systemic or cumulative toxicity even in continuous usage.