Non-Latex Surgical Glove

Healthcare sector is a very demanding field where safety is one of the first priorities.

To meet the most complex challenges faced by a healthcare professional, we have developed a next generation nitrile surgical glove.

B-Meridiem offers aggressive reduction in the danger of infection from glove failure.

B-Meridiem will better protect the patient against infections transmitted by the surgeon.

B-Meridiem Surgical
Nitrile Surgical

Powdered Latex glove can cause contact dermatitis & other Type IV allergies. Some surgeons may be allergic to latex as well. Type 1 Latex allergy is a very serious hypersensitivity reaction which can cause Anaphylaxis & even Shock.

B-Meridiem is thinner, 5 times more puncture resistant and more resistant to chemicals than any other glove material in the market.It can be used for almost every medical purpose, whether it's orthopaedic surgery, ophthalmic surgery, dental surgery, micro surgeries, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. B-Meridiem guarantees you the best possible protection. 

Why B-Meridiem?

  • Best in class puncture resistance & very good abrasion resistance.

  • No natural proteins molecules present to cause allergy.

  • Excellent chemical resistance than any other glove film.

  • Thin & anatomically shaped for High tactile sensitivity & extra comfort.

  • Probably the only Nitrile glove wSterilized by Gamma irradiation.

  • Next generation modified nitrile butadiene rubber produced by B-NBR technology.

Sterile Nitrile Surgical