The first smart fire proximity/entry suit.

B-Ignis is lightweight, simple & custom tailored protective suit. B-Ignis incorporates the latest advancements in material science and apparel design to create a future ready protection system. B-Ignis has a micro-perforated shell which allows heat and perspiration to escape, lowering overall body temperature. It has only 4 Primary layers, but it is more resistant to heat than any other proximity/entry suit in the market & the whole suit including the hood & boots weights only under 15 kg. B-Ignis is highly versatile & adaptable, making it  the optimal  suit for  nearly any application, starting with a lightweight suit for
furnace operations and metal pouring to heavily insulated yet lightweight suit for extreme ambient temperatures, fire entry,
and prolonged maintenance operations.

It reflects 98% of radiant heat & withstand radiant temperatures up to 2000°C. It will not de-laminate under even the most taxing conditions.

Smart Features



Stress monitors in GloveThere are 2 microchips located in the extremity of fingers, One will detect the electrodermal activity of sweat glands & the other detect absorbance of transmitted light of different wavelengths. If the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system is highly aroused, then sweat gland activity also increases, which in turn increases skin conductance. The EDA detector thus can detect resistance, potential, impedance, and admittance of the nerves.

Cardiovascular System monitor – We have incorporated a Multiple-lead rhythm strip comparable to chest leads of standard EKG/ECG machines. They are capable of monitoring every cardiac activity accurately & instantly. 

The micro-sensors within the suit will tell you about it's status, how long it can protect you in current situation & when to return to safety.

Fire Proximity Suit
Proximity suit, Volcano