Early Disease Warning & Identification of Genes

B-EDWIG is a Whole Exome Sequencing based Disease Gene Identification technique.

Our Revolutionary technology will make it possible for everyone to live a better life by Identifying their own genes which may cause problems like gene linked diseases and some types of cancers in the future.

B-EDWIG is an all inclusive gene Identification kit, which can be used by anyone with any levels of skill-sets.

The kit Contains;

  • Rapid Exome Capture arrays.

  • Exome Enrichment Kit.

  • Amplification & Cluster Generation Kit.

  • Our groundbreaking ZM-LIW Sequencing Kit.

  • B-Connect Multi Platform App for real time data analysis.

Zero Mode Laser-inscribed Waveguide Technology

Our Zero Mode Laser-inscribed waveguide (ZM-LIW) Sequencing technology will be able to produce read lengths of up to 10,000 base pairs and will be capable of producing up to 150 million reads within 3 hours.

B-EDWIG is an effective, less complex and practical technique that can be extensively used for gene mapping and genotype identification.

In contrast to technologies currently available in the market, B-EDWIG will be free from homopolymer errors & unwanted noise in the result.

B-EDWIG does not require complex Chromatin immunoprecipitation to identify any Epigenetic markers, they can be easily detected due to their distinctive signal from the other four nucleotide bases.

B-EDWIG will cover almost every 3'- and 5' untranslated regions (UTRs) in mRNA and every microRNAs (miRNA).

B-Connect App

B-Connect is a multiplatform application which can be used from iOS, Android, Windows, Linux or Mac OS.It comes with highly customisable features like different types of Sample Setup, multiple Run Design options, Highly advanced Data Management, Multilayer Data Analysis & much more. Some of the features are shown below.


Accepts a variety of sample types and insert types.


Customizable Operations for specific purpose.


Multiple servers to get every available Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in database.


Advanced python based data analysis pipeline for precision.